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About Us

The Stone Circle is a youth-led unique news website with an online radio that tells the story of The Gambia to a national and global audience to encourage investment, business, tourism and knowledge in and about the State and its people.  Our stories are determined by their journalistic merit and The Stone Circle prides itself to honest and professional journalism.  

The Stone Circle concentrates on telling stories of interest, which include politics, education, health, tourism, food, entertainment, environment, youth matters and others.

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The Stone Circle is published by Five Star Consultancy, an experienced multimedia firm with global contacts. The Stone Circle has a staff of journalists and employs expert freelancers to cover the economic priorities of The Gambia. The concept was developed and administered by young people of the country.

EDITOR IN CHIEF                          Saikou Suwareh Jabai

MANAGING DIRECTOR                             Ebrima Darboe

LAYOUT EDITOR                                            Ebrima Bah

EDITORIAL ADVISER                                Famara Fofona



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Managing Director 3145461

Email: contact@thestonecircle.info