By Saikou Suwareh Jabai

Amid Youth and Sports Ministry’s decision to unlawfully dissolve the National Youth Council Board of Governors yesterday, hundreds of young people have, in the strongest terms, condemned the act and urgently call on Authorities and reverse the decision with immediate effect.
The decision to dissolve the Board, according to the Ministry, is in tandem with the National Youth Council Act 2000.

Young people described the Ministry’s decision ‘unlawful’ and demand for answers as they will not honor the move.

Bakary Badjie, candidate for next years’ KMC myoral election, said:

“With the exception of Chairperson and Female Rep, the rest of official Council members are elected by young people in each region and thus reserve the power to remove them OR by an Presidential pronouncement for dissolution, which must be based on very good reasons such as proven failure to execute its mandate.”


Babucarr Kebbeh, Chairman of Kanifing Municipality Youth Committee, said:


According this letter attached, no reason was not spelt as why the dissolution came and the Board have not acted in any way as specified in the Act.
I am with the believe this whole thing came due to the social media posts made by youth demanding explanations of some key concerns on the misplaced priorities of the ministry and suggestion on how it should be done. The Regions are well informed and we will act accordingly and with swift response, as your actions are not constitutional and are against the NYC Act.2000 in my opinion.
This is unacceptable in this New Gambia and be rest assure we will pursue this to the later.”


Sheikh Omar Sillah, Acting Executive Director and Secretary General of The Legacy Gambia stated that:

“Youths must stage a National Conference on the decision of the MoYS. Their decision to dissolve the NYC Board is unlawful and muct be revisited as a matter of urgency. We need a Youth Ministry that reflects the needs and aspirations of young people, not so-called technicians!”


Taslima Jallow, Country Representative of AJAB Gambia, said:

We have the #YouthPower. We the youths are the reason why he is Minister and anything that is against us, is not for us. I challenge every young person to join the crusade and demand government to respect our will. These board members are been elected by their constituents/ regions to represent young people at council level. They are our mouthpiece and he there to defend our interest. But again “now is the time for the youths to react. So long the name remains “National youth council”, the youths must have important stake in the governance of the structure..
We can revoke this decision by following the right procedures…”


Babucarr Nyang, Youth Advocate, said:

“The Minister of Youth and Sports with his Ministry are just sick and needs pills to take themselves well.. Dissolving the National Youth Council Board without any genuine reason is unacceptable and we will not condone such acts in either way. If you think you can silence us by doing such acts! You have tried the wrong strategy as we will organize ourselves and come to you! #Youthpower!”

Efforts to speak to Executive Director of the NYC on his reactions to this development bear no fruit. The Ministry of Youth was also contacted for the reasons for the dissolution for both the PS and minister were unreachable on phone.


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