By Sulayman Jammeh, The Stone Circle’s UTG Correspondent reporting from Nouakchott.

79 University of the Gambia students participated in Economic and Management Students’ Association’s (ECOMANSA) research trip to Mauritania from 19th to 28th August, 2017. The expedition, according to officials and participants, was a great success as it focused on the academic research theme: “The Role of Aquaculture in Sustainable Development.”

The objectives of the research are to establish the contribution of aquaculture to Mauritanian economy and discover the techniques and methods used in culturing fishing.

The ECOMANSA Secretary General, Jesse J. Dacosta, told The Stone Circle that they embarked on a series of activities, among them, a research in which they went to the Ministry of Fisheries of Mauritania to collect data.

The delegation visited important monuments and were featured on television programs while in Mauritania. The team had a meeting with student leaders and officials of the Nouakchott University on possible collaborations.

SG Dacosta noted:

“We are happy to serve the delegates to the best of our abilities. We are proud of them for representing The Gambia in Mauritania.”

He thanked the students for their participation, adding that it is a great achievement for the association.

Picture: SG Dacosta

Contrary to the constraints and irregularities encountered by the History Club during their recently ended research trip to Mauritania, SG Dacosta said that of ECOMANSA was overwhelmingly successful.

“Our trip was very successful and we had no problems regarding our accommodation in Mauritania and feeding. The students were well taken care of because they were lodged in a hotel called Sahari Residence.”

The ECOMANSA President, Sheikh Hydra described his executives as ‘hardworking and never relenting’ for employing their time and even resources in making the trip a success.

“I am pleased to have accomplished a major activity as part of our promises made to the students. I am committed, more than ever to serve the SBPA and the UTG in general”.

President Hydra said the research was conducted as planned and all the relevant information are collated, adding that the results of the study will be published and handed over to the relevant stakeholders for utilization.

Picture: The delegation


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