By Saikou Suwareh Jabai

The defeated presidential candidate of 16th Executive of the University of the Gambia Students’ Union, Modou Mboob, disclosed reasons for rejecting the UTG-SU’s invitation for him to serve as an Honorary Member of the executive council.

Speaking to The Stone Circle, Mboob, who is the Chairman of the UTG Inter-School Alliance for Change, said the Alpha-led government’s decision to appoint him as an honorary member is a move calculated to mute him and other oppositions.

Section 26 of the UTGSU Constitution states that honorary members may comprise all presidential candidates who participated in the election but did not get the mandate of the students and that they may participate in the Executive council meetings but shall have no voting rights. 

Mboob noted that every government needs to be scrutinized and the best body to play this role is the opposition to the government.

“If I happened to honor the invitation to serve as honorary member, that will debar me from checking on the activities of the government because I cannot talk against a body that I’m a co-opted member of. It will be seen as hypocritical move.”

Modou Mboob said the UTG Inter-School Alliance for Change is a pressure group that limits any excesses of the activities of the UTGSU Executive Council and as such integral in advancing the interests and welfare of Students of UTG.

“I am of the strongest conviction that I can do better for the students of UTG if I represent their voices from the outside as I’m doing now”.

He said serving as an honorary member will not enable him to have the right to vote and that means not having the right to make decisions.

He advised the current student government to be hard-working and go the extra-mile if they want to have the job done.

Alliance flag-bearer said there are areas that need critical attention and that some of these areas include the need for qualified and well-grounded lectures, good classroom facilities, proper transportation mechanisms, and the fact that the transcript office needs urgent development.

Meanwhile, the President of the UTG-SU, Alpha Lowe, expressed despondency with Mboob for not honoring their invitation, adding any genuine student leader who has the students at heart will not hesitate to accept such appointment as it will make it easier for one to effectively contribute in the advancement of the Union.

Picture: President Lowe

President Lowe said this has been a disillusionment for his Council as Mboob earlier on pledged to work with the Council irrespective of if he win or not.

Details of President Alpha Lowe’s exclusive interview will be aired on The Agenda radio programme on Capital FM 100.4 on Friday 6pm to 7pm with The Stone Circle’s Prof Saikou Suwareh Jabai and Ebrima Darboe. We will also speak to Modou Mboob live on air about the progresses and weakness of the UTG-SU. Tune in………….


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