By Kalipha Jabb, NBR Correspondent

A serious fire outbreak occurred on Wednesday 7th of June in Kerr Ardo village, Lower Baddibu District.

Seven houses were all burnt to ashes. The unfortunate incident took place at around 13:00 pm in the compound of one Abdoulie Buuso. There was no loss of life or serious injury but lot of valuable items were destroyed before the intervention of fire fighters.

According to Mustapha Busso, a resident and eye witness said the fire outbreak began in the kitchen.

“The fire started from the kitchen before escalating to other structures in the compound,  she was cooking and went to the house before she came back the fire caught the grass roofs of the kitchen and the flames moved to other houses,” he said.

There was an intervention from the regional red cross volunteers, but the fire had done its damages before their arrival.

The team leader, Ebrima Jabbi, lamented on the damage caused by the accident and calls on people especially the cooks to be vigilant about their activities as its consequences can be detrimental.

“It was little bit late before we got the news, because by the time we reached most of the damages had been done, thank God there is no loss of life or injury to anyone. We have to be very carefully about the way we go along with our daily activities involving the use of fire, especially the cooks; most of our local kitchens are not well ventilated thus resulting to such accidents,” he advised.

Abdoulie Busso, the household leader expressed his regrets and sadness over the loss of valuable house items, food stuffs and clothes as he reminds his family members to have faith in Allah in this challenging time.


“It’s very sad indeed, because this is a family struggling every day to make ends meet and today we are here crying over the little we had, example clothes, furniture, and some other items. We have to be patient as Muslims and leave everything in the hands of God”

Picture: Local fire fighters doing their best to quench the fire

With the new farming season at the horizon, conditions are burdensome for Busso and the family as their hopes of embarking on another farming season has been hampered with the loss of seeds and an estimated amount of D50,000.

“The saddest part of it is the loss of our seeds like groundnut, coose, millet etc in preparation for the farming season and some amount of money as well,” he added.

National Disaster Management Personnel for North Bank Region, Mommodou BK Ceesay, on behalf of his office expressed his sympathy to the victims and assured them their support as he called on other institutions and individuals to extend helping hands to the victims at the time of need.

Abdoulie Busso finally thanked the Red Cross, Disaster management and other individuals for sharing the pain with them as he seeks help to recover his losses.  He can be reached on telephone 7505117 or 7952275.


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