I’m not a tribalist
So don’t dare put me in list
For I’m a tribal herbalist
Tenacious like the colonial Revivalist
Tribalism my antagonist
My claims are veracious
Not trying to be supercilious
ML isn’t a ventriloquist
I’ve to speak against it, for fear to be eradicate

Fear, fear grip an innocent pal
For his surname associated with a certain tribe
He was dawn casted, downhearted, dejected ‘n I’m flabbergasted
‘Coz our history should be revisited
‘N it should be done with immediate alacrity

For I’m ready to kick and hit tribalism
In our country, unison should be preach ‘n tribalism be banished
For it brought a backlash
I’m a tribal herbalist
Tenacious like the colonial revivalist

Tribalism has no place in our “kambia’
It brought destruction ‘n frustration
It ignites under development
It ignites ” turuubangho”
So where are we?
The ink society can we think, ink, hit and kick tribalism?
For our pen is mightier than the sword
Let’s penned and paint tribals free Gambia
Let’s write and make it write because is our right to write
And for the evil we subdue to fight
The ink society should start inking to vanish the seemingly tribalism

By M L Drammeh Csay


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