How about Salary Increment?


Good Morning Mr. President,
Among the promises made to us (citizens) by the Coalition leadership during the campaign was the reviewing of the salary scale of Gambian civil servants. Now, Presidential Election is over, the National Assembly Election has also come and gone until a Speaker has been sworn in, it’s time that the work starts in earnest.

Mr President… The civil servants of the country are facing a lot of difficulties. The rising cost of living is not matched by salary increment. That is to say, the earning power of Gambians is very low. The cost of a bag of rice keeps increasing from time to time while salaries are stagnant.

You see, Mr President, salary increment by percentage in my opinion is not the right thing, or should I say, is not at all enough. Compared to countries in the subregion, our salary is woefully low.

The whole system of emolument should be reviewed and revised. That is to say, the pay scale should be upgraded. At present, someone with a pay scale of grade eight or nine can barely survive on a month’s salary. Those above that fare a little better, but not so much.

Upgrading the pay scale of civil servants will not necessarily empty government coffers as some people may fear. A better salary means more spending power which can boast the economy and more taxes into government coffers.

A good salary will also serve as an incentive for workers to be more energetic, eager and as such more productive. This is needed for a better living standard for our people.

Have a Good Day Mr President.

Tha Scribbler Bah
A Sovereign Citizen


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