By Tida Janneh  

Saturday the 4th March 2017, the American corner in Bundung, witnessed the intellectual bloodshed of four youngsters as they rolled out for two highly contested debate themes. This program is pioneered by The Legacy, one of Gambia’s prominent youth-led organizations.

According to Sheikh Omar Sillah, The Legacy Secretary General, The Mainstream is an apt medium that brings together youths for constructive arguments. Sharing ideas and discuss pertinent issues of youth interest. He said the debate is youth-centered and themes to debate about are mostly issues in that regard.

Picture: SG Sillah

The Legacy Program Manager, Muhammed Lamin Dibba, said part of the objectives of organization is to help youngsters unveil their hidden potentials and also help them become successful in their walks of life.

“The Mainstream allows to us disagree to agree and then reconcile our arguments to forge towards prosperity.”

Picture: PM Dibba

He said the popular public spar prepares the combatants as potential public speakers for their future engagements.  

The first topic of discussion was “The West is responsible for the underdevelopment of Africa”. Musa Sawaneh, who was speaking for the motion, denied slave trade being a trade, he said it is instead slave kidnapping, brutality, torturing, technical arrest. In rebutting his presentations, Kemo Conteh lamented that Africa is undeveloped because of ethnic violence, racism and lack of good leadership qualities.

Picture: From Left: Kemo and Musa

The second topic was “The government is Responsible for the mass Failure of Students”. Omar Saibo Camara speaks for the motion and told the audience that the government is highly responsible as it has a poor management system in administering the education sector. Bakary S. Sonko, his opponent did not agree with him a single bit, adding that teachers, parents and students are responsible for the mass failure of students.

Picture: From Left: Omar and Bakary

The program was flamed with the presentations of poems by Omar Champion Cham and Lamin Barrow, the Rainbow Poet.

Mariama Cham, the younger sister of melodious singer, Barhama, entertained the audience with her exceptional music instrumental skills.

Picture: Mariama on the keys


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